Short Story Series

Four Seasons – Chapter 14

“Hey Summer, what’s the bitterness in your heart and what brings you joy?” Winter asked Summer as they walked into the kitchen.  It couldn’t be…
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Four Seasons – Chapter 13

Autumn was looked around the kitchen and sighed. She really didn’t want to say anything negative but as she stood there she couldn’t think of…
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Four Seasons – Chapter 9

Just because the sisters-Bible-bonding time was over did not mean that Autumn had stopped reading her Proverbs.  And was it really over though? The bonding…
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Four Seasons – Chapter 8

While Monday mornings are almost never good, this particular Monday morning had Summer wanting to pull her hair out. The household had been split into…
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Four Seasons – Chapter 6

Autumn walked to the kitchen feeling pretty excited because today she had a free morning all to herself and could do whatever she wanted.  This…
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Four Seasons – Chapter 2

“Summer! Autumn! Let’s go, it’s time to go read a chapter of Proverbs.” Hearing Camellia’s cheery voice this early in the morning always got on…
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Four Seasons – Chapter 1

“Camellia Bluebell Spring, come here right now, or you are going to be late for school!” There was an immediate response coming from a direction…
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