Destined to Reign –

a story about Jess a young woman convinced that all she is destined for in life is surviving. Her relationship with God is not in the place she wants it to be as she is choosing to live her life on her own terms. She is keeping a secret from everyone to protect the important people in her life. This means she is constantly lying to people and the guilt of her secret is often hard to deal with. What happens when part of her secret becomes public knowledge?

The Healing of A Broken Heart

Tendai has no one in her life that she can trust, not even her husband who abandoned her the moment the ink dried on their marriage certificate. Theirs was a marriage of convenience to create a family for her cousins after her tete and uncle died. Her late aunt and uncle had been the most important people in her life, who she trusted more than anyone else. Now that they are gone, she doesn’t know how to move on and forgive her estranged husband who has finally come back home. But why did he leave in the first place? And why should she forgive him?

(This short story series is being developed into a larger web novel)

The Chicken Attack-

Jess is extremely scared of chickens, they are vicious little creatures and the reason she has nightmares. She was completely convinced that one day they would attack, she just hoped she wouldn’t be a victim.

Hope comes to a place where she admits to herself that she has a problem, and she needs the Lord Jesus to fix it.

The Admission-

What did it take for her to finally admit that she had a problem? To herself, to her husband…and to God? Follow Hope as she comes to a place where she admits to herself that she wasn’t as she from her bad habits as she had thought she was.

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