Sermons, Thoughts and Feelings

Sermons, Thoughts & Feeling explores different sermons by different Pastors, mostly Joseph Prince, Michael Todd and Steven Furtick, that I feel greatly impacted my walk in this journey I am on of Living the vine life. I will share what in the particular sermon caught my attention and how I think it links to the vine life, either in general or specifically to what I am going through as an example. For Pastor Mike & Pastor Steven, their sermons would be linked in the post, as they are available on podcast and on YouTube. However, for Joseph Prince sermons, which usually only have excerpts, I will link the excerpt and the sermon notes, the official one if they are available, or a link to the Milton Goh Blog where he has been posting unofficial notes for years now.

The purpose of linking the sermons is so that anyone interested can listen to them and see for themselves what God has for them in that sermon. Also, it opens the doors to better and more informed discussions for anyone who wants to discuss further as we would have access to the original sermon. These are my personal thoughts and feelings from what I could take from the sermons, there is so much more in each of the sermons and if you listen to them yourself, you might get something different or so much more than me.

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