Four Seasons – Proverbs 5

Summer took a deep breath and looked down at Winter who was sitting at the kitchen table. She had been home late the previous night and they had not had the opportunity to discuss what had happened at school. And thinking about how busy their office had been, she was so grateful that Winter had …

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Four Seasons – Proverbs 4

Looking down at her food, Camellia wished she could just go back to bed. But she couldn’t because she was the one who initiated this whole reading Proverbs thing. Not that she did it willingly but the result was the same.  Waking every morning and being organized was better than the alternative of having Winter …

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Four Seasons – Proverbs 3

Winter hummed to herself as she finished her delicious food, and was so glad that the electricity had given them an extra hour to cook this morning. Though of course now it was gone, but they were kind of used to this now. Well, she was anyway, she knew it still got on Summer’s nerves …

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Four Seasons – Proverbs 2

“Summer! Autumn! Let’s go, it’s time to go read a chapter of Proverbs.” Hearing Camellia’s cheery voice this early in the morning always got on her nerves, it was way too early for that. “Do we really have to go?” Autumn quietly asked Summer. She watched as Summer sigh before she sat down on the …

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Four Seasons – Proverbs 1

“Camellia Bluebell Spring, come here right now, or you are going to be late for school!” There was an immediate response coming from a direction that Summer was definitely not expecting. “Actually, I am done already, I was just waiting for you. And did you have to say my name like that? Not cool, Summer …

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Trust Him, He’s got you!

Are you one of those people who turn to God last after they have tried everything they could and failed? Or do you trust Him from the start and let Him provide all you need? That’s what we usually do right? We try to fight our battles and get the victory through our own strength …

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Why confess your righteousness daily?

The word of God is first in your mouth, and in your heart. Romans 10: 8 The word of God says that faith comes by hearing the word of God, do you know that you can speak the word of God to yourself? If the word says, ‘In the Lord, I have righteousness and strength,’ …

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HOW DO AFRICAN WOMEN ENGAGE THE WORLD AND CREATE A NEW PARADIGM? – DON’T DISQUALIFY YOURSELF WITHOUT EVEN TRYING As African women, we need to stop disqualifying ourselves, whether because of fear, or just because we do not think we are good enough. Many times we are afraid to put ourselves out there, afraid to …


Righteous but defeated?

Can you be righteous and live life defeated? If you are living your life in sin, are you still considered to be righteous? Or if you living in fear as if God has not blessed you in your coming in and your going out? Before the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, you had to …

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Confess your righteousness in Christ Daily

I believe that when we confess our righteousness in Christ daily, we are setting ourselves up for a better future, we are not only speaking into the present, but we are establishing ourselves for our tomorrow. And the more we seek His kingdom and His righteousness, all other things will be added unto us.

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