In this post, I talk about how important right believing in who Christ Jesus says we are, is important for living the vine life in Him. He said that we are the branch, not that we need to try to be. Believe you are who He says you are.
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The Healing of a Broken Heart

Not to be outdone by the six-year-old, Tendai increased her efforts and tried to work faster to finish coloring in her own sketch. She was also very conscious of the fact that she would soon have to stop so that she could check on the meal she had cooking on the stove. The little girl, …

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Don’t lose sleep over it, Rest!

3 He will not allow your foot to [a]be moved;He who keeps you will not slumber. Psalm 121 I think this thought is kind of simple and straight to the point. Here Pastor Prince reminds us of the uselessness of our worry. We have a God, an Abba Father who loves us and promised to give us …

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Not how much, but Who – As Jesus Is, So Are You| Pastor Prince

For today’s Sermons Thoughts and Feelings, we are going to talk the sermon titled As Jesus Is, So Are You, by Pastor Joseph Prince. In this sermon, Pastor Prince talks about how as the Lord Jesus Christ is at the Father’s right hand, so are in this world, based on 1 John 4:17 17 Love has …

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Those Chickens Again

Jessica loved children, well, once they could go to the toilet on their own without needing supervision. She loved playing with them… most of the time, just not when she was working on her ART. She had some work overdue for her ART class where she had to create a colored pencil illustration for the …

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He makes it all work together for His children

I love the verse above, because more often than not, I am a mess and do not know what I am doing. But just knowing that His grace is made perfect in my weakness, and He will make all things to work together for my good makes me run to Him every time. And while …

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He will give you rest

In the book of Matthew, the Lord Jesus Christ asks all who labor and are heavy laden to go to Him, and there they will find rest. If you are worried and troubled about many things, go to the Lord Jesus and cast all you cares upon Him. Believe that the battle is His, and …

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Start your day with Jesus

For this thought, Pastor Prince talks about us starting our day with a confident expectation of good. No matter what you are facing in your life, or what you want to happen that seems so far away, we need to start our days with the confident expectation of good. We do this by resting in …

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Let got & let the supply flow

For thought 7, Pastor Princes shares that for supply to flow in our lives, we need to let for of our worry. In the verse above, the Lord Jesus Christ told us not to worry, not about our lives, or what we will wear, or what we will drink. And in John 14, He told us again to not let our hearts be worried, and to not let them be afraid. In that chapter, He tells us not to let our hearts be troubled twice.

By His stripes, you are healed

For thought 6, Pastor Prince talked about healing. The verse itself, taken from Isaiah 53, is a verse that foretells what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished for us on the cross. When the Lord Jesus Christ was on the cross, He cried out it is finished. On that cross, He took upon His body all …

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