I write books and short stories, with the aim to give glory to the Lord and show His amazing grace and love. The stories are mostly character-based and explore the journey a person can go through in their faith as they navigate through the challenges life throws at them.

I blog about living a fruitful and productive life by His grace and His love in the vine life with the aim to encourage Christians who may be struggling with productivity to look to Christ who is their source. The Lord Jesus said He is the Vine and we are the branches, and without Him, we can do nothing, I know I cannot but He can. So I choose to flow in the vine life and to see myself as the Father sees me, a branch that bears much fruit in Christ, His Beloved. I hope as I grow in Him and as I transformed from glory to glory, and my hope is anyone who identifies in some way with the journey I am going through walks with me and we can grow together.

Cassie G.

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