Those Chickens Again

The Song

Jessica loved children, well, once they could go to the toilet on their own without needing supervision. She loved playing with them… most of the time, just not when she was working on her ART.

She had some work overdue for her ART class where she had to create a colored pencil illustration for the class, and it was taking her a while to finish. 

And now she had to devote her attention to making sure that her cousin did not touch her things. The little brat was ignoring the cheaper crayons and paper she had given him and wanted her more expensive stuff, and she wasn’t having it.


“Mama!” Jess responded rolling her eyes to herself wondering what the woman wanted now. She knew Jess was busy, but of course, she would not leave her to be able to finish her work.

First, it was babysitting the little brat who right that moment trying to reach for her pencils, and she had to quickly pull them away and place them somewhere he could not easily reach. 


Sighing deeply, Jess looked at her cousin, who giggled at her obvious reluctance and got up to pack her work away. It was becoming obvious that she would not be finishing the drawing as she had planned to do. She would have to work on it later that night to finish it up after her aunt and uncle picked her cousin.

“Iwe Jessica!”

“Coming mama!”

Sheesh, what does she want? Jess asked herself as she left her room, dragging her cousin with her. No way was she leaving him alone in her personal space to mess with her things.

Her brother did that already…he didn’t need more help.

“What are you still doing in your room? Did I not tell you we have to prepare a meal for your tete who is coming? Why are you being so difficult?” her mom asked.

Actually, no, you asked me to babysit, Jess thought to herself.

“Ah, mama, isn’t you have Gracie here, what do you need me for?” she asked dropping her body into the kitchen chair.

“Excuse me?”

“I mean sorry mama, what can I help you with?” she amended knowing that she was now in trouble for her comment.

“I told you to help your uncle and brother catch one of the chickens and you ignored me, and now you are coming in here talking nonsense instead of being helpful around here.”

The chickens? Uh…no…

Let not you heart be troubled.

I can let not my heart be troubled from a distance, she thought to herself.

“Mama, did you know say that babysitter was my duty? Plus anyway, you know I hate chickens, and you want to help catch one?” she asked, a frown on her face.

Wasn’t it obvious that running after a chicken was not in her job description?

First, they attacked Gracie.

I know I know, I dwell under the shadow of His wings and I am safe, but chickens are still a menace.

Because the second thing they did was to mess up her illustration for her portfolio, ruining her chance to get the scholarship she wanted. Now she would probably not get a chance to go do Art in university because there was no chance her parents were paying for a ‘useless’ degree.

The Lord is my Shephard,’ another thought came.

Jess rolled her eyes. She really wanted to be angry at the dumb chickens and at her brother but her mind kept going back to the promises of God. Was it possible for her to both be angry at her brother and the chickens, while still believing God would come through for her? Because really didn’t see herself accepting the chickens any time soon.

And her brother, the little brat, was refusing to admit he had been the one to leave the door open. He was also refusing to admit that he was one who had opened the illustration and left it open to damage by the chickens. How could she forgive and let go when he was just making her angrier with the lying?


“Sorry mama, what do you want me to do?”

“Go get some vegetables from the garden, you are the one cooking them.”

“Can’t you just buy covo?” Jess asked hopefully. 

All it took was a look, and she realized that she shouldn’t push her mom anymore. Her mom was a big fan of spinach, while she herself hated them.

“Here, take this food to the chickens,” her mom said passing her the container before she could dash out the room.

Jess eyed the container before she slowly extended her hand to take it. Did her mom not remember what happened just a week before? Gracie still had scars to prove that it wasn’t just a nightmare. 

And yet her mom seemed to be more determined to have Jess feed the chickens every day. Something about her needing to get over her fear of chickens. It didn’t make sense to Jess though because now they had actual proof that roadrunners were evil. Nothing they could say to her would convince her to change her mind.

Sending her to the chickens wasn’t helping her fear…it was just torturing her.

She accepted the food though, reminding herself that God would always protect her no matter what.

You are covered by His feathers, she encouraged herself.

Covered by His feathers to protect her from a creature with feathers?

The irony.

“You should really just sell them all or eat them, they don’t deserve to live after what they did to Gracie and to my illustration,” she commented grabbing a dish to carry the vegetables.

“Just go feed them and stop the whining,” her mom responded. 

Jess shook her head and walked out. One day, they would attack something she loved, and she would finally understand. Those chickens were evil, no matter what anyone said. They had attacked Gracie, ruined her artwork and had caused her to have to wash her blankets and clothes before she was ready. 

Not to forget the fact that everyone had laughed at her when she had tried to explain what had happened to her teacher. The woman had not been impressed. It was a version of my dog ate my homework that had everyone amused. Jess was pretty sure that her teacher probably thought she was just trying to get out of doing her work.

And Jess did not blame her. 

She should have thought to bring the ruined artwork to class but she had left it at home. She had been depending on the fact that she had taken pictures of the ruined one, before and after.

What she hadn’t been depending on was her brother stealing her phone from her bag when they had dropped her off for her class. Not that he could use it because she had changed the password, but he had ruined her life and she really wanted to make him pay for the rest of his life. How could she forgive him for this?

It was his fault that her artwork was ruined because he had left the door open, both the front door and her bedroom door. Of course, he denied both allegations but who else would have gone into her room and left it open? And who else in their family ever showed interest in her illustrations?

Everyone else thought she was wasting her time. They only paid for her to have the lessons to shut up because she had been hounding them about it and they were done with listening to her.

Either way, ‘the dumb evil chickens pooped on my homework’ was not a good enough excuse for her mentor. Especially when she had been trying to help Jess to get a portfolio completed so she can apply for a scholarship to a Fine Arts program. Something her parents would definitely not pay for.

This scholarship was her only chance of going to school, and now these chickens could have just cost her that. There was nothing she could do about the chickens, but she really wanted to make her brother pay for leaving the door open, both the main door and her bedroom door. Yet as a Jesus girl, she probably supposed to forgive him and love him, wasn’t she?

She just wasn’t sure she could do that…she was still pretty angry.

All she could do now was pray that she would get another opportunity to apply for the scholarship. That somehow, the before and after pictures she had sent would help convince people to give her a chance.

She had to trust God to open doors for her and make a way where there seemed to be no way. Otherwise, without Him, she would probably end up being forced to do accounting or something else stupid that she was bound to hate.

After feeding the chickens, she walked to the garden and headed towards the vegetables her mom loved. As she looked at them,  she realized that the chickens had attacked again. But this time, they had gone for her beloved vegetables since last time they had eaten all the other vegetables that had been there. Putting the dish she was holding down, she took out her phone and took a picture which she sent to her brother. He was always on his phone playing games so she knew he would get it and pass the message along.

She laughed a little at the karma of it all, the chickens had finally struck were it would hurt the most for her mother. Carefully closing the gate to the garden, she headed back towards the house, working at getting her smile under control because she knew her mom would be in a bad mood when she got back. She did not want to give the woman a reason to shout at her and give her more work.

And sure enough, as she got closer to the house she heard her mom screaming about how she had put too much work into her garden for it to be chicken feed. She had a point though, things were super expensive with the prices increasing almost every week. But as tempted as she was, she knew better than to suggest once again that they get rid of the chickens. She was pretty sure that soon enough the chickens would do something else to get the point across.

But then her mom was so stubborn she would probably still hold on to the dumb birds.

That the chickens would attack again, there was no doubt, she just wondered what they would do this time, and if anything would ever be enough to convince her mother.

And the attack, when it did come a few hours later when the chicken attacked her little cousin for his food when the little brat was feeding them on the sly. 

His food had fallen all over his lap as he tried to maneuver it and the chickens had gone crazy. While he wasn’t truly hurt as his scream scared the chickens away, it was pretty obvious the little boy been scared to death.

And it was just awesome justice that her little brother was the one who had been tasked to watch over him while she slaved away in the kitchen. Babysitting had been her duty, one she had done well before she had been summoned.

 She definitely wasn’t going to say I told you so but rushed to take out her phone to get some pictures of the disaster before her before dashing back into the kitchen. She would totally use them to create an awesome illustration.



“Go back to your babysitting,” her mother said with eyes squinting toward her as she could see through her.

When Jess opened her mouth to speak, she was immediately cut off.

“I better not see you smiling about this, and not another word about the chickens. It seems I will have to go ahead and build a chicken pen after all.”

Yep, nothing would ever convince her to get rid of them.

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