He will give you rest

Start your day with Jesus
He makes it all work together for His children

In the book of Matthew, the Lord Jesus Christ asks all who labor and are heavy laden to go to Him, and there they will find rest. If you are worried and troubled about many things, go to the Lord Jesus and cast all you cares upon Him. Believe that the battle is His, and receive the victory He has for you, He is bigger than your giant.

I once listened to a sermon where Pastor Prince talked about how the Lord Jesus Christ was always at rest and went out doing good without being stressed or in a hurry.

When the disciples were terrified, thinking they were going to sink, He was sleeping in the boat.

When there was 5000 to feed, He wasn’t worried about the numbers.

When a little girl He had been on the way to heal died while He was healing another woman, who had dared to believe she could receive her healing by only touching His garment, He didn’t panic thinking it was ‘too late.’

In fact, there was even a time He delayed His miracle and waited for His friend Lazarus to die before He went and performed an even greater miracle than that of healing. With Him, all things are possible, and He can make things much better for you…if you go to Him and let Him.

Let go and let God, cast you burdens to Him for the battle is not yours, but His.

Until next time-

Be blessed, and remember that you are loved and highly favor!

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Start your day with Jesus
He makes it all work together for His children

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