By His stripes, you are healed

He is with you & will not fail you
Let got & let the supply flow

For thought 6, Pastor Prince talked about healing. The verse itself, taken from Isaiah 53, is a verse that foretells what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished for us on the cross.

When the Lord Jesus Christ was on the cross, He cried out it is finished. On that cross, He took upon His body all our sins, past, present and future; and every sickness and disease that has ever existed, and will exist in the future. He took it all, and paid the price on our behalf. But before He went to the cross, He went through the beatings on His back.

Pastor Prince explains that usually a person only went through one, or the other, the beatings, or the cross. But our Lord Jesus Christ had to go through both of them for our sakes. And by the stripe on His back, we were healed. He didn’t just pay for our sins on the cross, but He also purchased our healing, health and wholeness through the beatings He received on His back.

He was cursed that we might be blessed, and by His stripes, we were healed. So we need to let go of our worry and receive the healing He already suffered that we might have.

And we also know from Paul, in the book of Romans, that the Spirit of Him who raised Christ from the dead dwells in us. And in us, He is constantly bringing life to our mortal bodies. So we need not to worry about sicknesses and diseases. We need to believe and claim His resurrection life instead.

I am short-sighted, and I hate it. I have prayed for so long for healing for my eyesight, and I could decide to give up because I have not seen the results I have been praying for. I could decide that maybe He doesn’t care enough about my eyesight, and I should just resign to a life of wearing prescription glasses.

For some people it is not even something to pray about. You learn to deal with it, and live with expectation that it will probably get worse with time.

But when I remember what He suffered, & went through, I don’t believe living with it is good enough for me. If He paid the price already, and took the short-sight by His stripes, then I need to believe it is finished. I may see the symptoms of it being there, but I know the truth.

Right believing leads to right living, even when it comes to my eyesight. Every time I put on my glasses, I have to remember that by His stripes I am healed. Because He loves me, He took every sickness and disease into His own body and paid for it so that I can be whole, healthy and strong, so that I might have His perfect vision.

What I need to do is believe His love, accept His gift, claim it as my own, and know and believe that His resurrection life flows in my body, and in my eyes. He is the vine, and I am a branch, & His vine life of health, flows from Him to me.

By His stripes, I am healed.

And by His stripes, you are healed, that healing you want…it’s yours already. So keep your eyes on Jesus and don’t worry about your symptoms.

Confess it, believe it, live it.

Let go of all your worry and receive the healing He purchased for you by the stripes that fell on His back.

It is finished.

Until next time-

Be blessed, and remember that you are loved and highly favor!

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He is with you & will not fail you
Let got & let the supply flow

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