Four Seasons – Chapter 13

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Autumn was looked around the kitchen and sighed.

She really didn’t want to say anything negative but as she stood there she couldn’t think of any positive thing to say.

Those who guard their mouths and don’t speak rashly…

Or where there is strife there is pride?

Or both?

Autumn stood in the kitchen and wondered how things had gotten this bad. There was no food left for her, just like last night. And she was almost certain that Camellia,  who had gotten in a few minutes before her, had not eaten either.         

Her first instinct was to be angry at Summer and Winter. All she could think was that it was really beneath them to not be feeding Camellia. She walked to their bedroom and was about to bang on the door with anger when something told her to cool down. Wasn’t this what had gotten them here in the first place? Jumping to conclusions, and not searching for the truth?

It would be wiser for her to walk away,  go get some food, food enough for all of them, and call her sisters for them all to enjoy the meal together. Or she could just cook something quickly right now and she could eat. In fact, she had brought back some bread and other foodstuffs that could make a quick cold meal and that was an option. 

She could even ask her sisters if they had eaten anything because maybe they hadn’t had any food at all.

And even if they had, she had to admit that since she hadn’t been eating food at home for some days now, expecting her sisters to still be cooking for her and leaving food when things were so expensive was kind of irrational of her. Especially considering she had never bothered to communicate with them on any occasion that she would not be eating at home.

As she was about to knock on the door, she heard voices stopped to listen to what they were saying. 

“…a midnight snack? I mean if we don’t eat that food we are going to have to throw it away,” Summer said.

“You are not tired of eating it yet? We just had it for supper, don’t lie, I cooked it and I am tired of it already,” Winter replied.

“But that’s just because you hate your own cooking. You sacrificed a lot to get that food and cook it, I for one am not going to let it go to waste.”

“Nop, if you are hungry at midnight we can have something else, who knows, maybe Camellia might get hungry and decide that my food doesn’t taste so bad.”

There was a moment of silence before they both burst into laughter.

“Oh gosh, that was funny, anyway, will you proofread this for me?” Summer asked.

Autumn turned away from the door and slowly walked back into the kitchen, she hesitated a bit before she opened the fridge, but she really had to know. Could it really be that she was just about to accuse her sisters of starving Camellia when there was an abundance of food that Camellia was refusing to eat? Was Camellia starving herself by choice?

Opening the containers in the fridge, Autumn discovered that sure enough, there was food there, enough for both her and Camellia. And if she had understood the conversation she had eavesdropped on, there had been more than that before, because she and Camellia had not been eating food at home.

Good thing she hadn’t gone into their room guns blazing because she could have just made the situation worse. Autumn needed to lay her pride aside and realize that she had had a part to play in the mess that was now their lives. She had done so both by ignoring the needs of her sisters, and by not seeking wisdom from God about backing up Camellia.

If she had just followed the wisdom of God, she would not have been fooled by her own sister. A sister who she knew would often manipulate a situation for things to go her way. Why had she been so quick to believe her?

Shaking her head at her own foolishness, she heated up the food before she went to wake Camellia up.

She didn’t even have the strength or the will to question or shout at Camellia but just went about having her meal, her mind going round and round, wondering how to fix this situation.

When Camellia started crying half-way through her meal, Autumn didn’t say anything, she just handed her tissue and gave a little hug before she set about to clean the kitchen. They had managed to finish all the food, even though as she ate, Autumn couldn’t taste anything, she might as well have been eating paper because she was too stressed out to enjoy the meal.

It was later that night when they were in their room that Camellia spoke.

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.”

And though she responded with kind words, Autumn couldn’t help thinking that sorry, wouldn’t fix this problem.

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