Four Seasons – Chapter 11

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Camellia looked around at her new classmates and wondered why she had thought it would be a smart idea to join this group of friends.

The answer was simple though, she didn’t even have to think about it, she had been avoiding Winter. She was becoming quite skilled at avoiding her, but she was also realizing it usually came with a cost.

It was Thursday morning,  and it was day five since she and Winter had stopped being friends.

Before she died, one of the lessons her mother had taught her was that she should be friends with her sisters, and they should always stick together. And it had become even more important to her after her mom died because suddenly all she had left were sisters.

So Camellia had worked to keep the friendship going, until now of course. While they had fought other times before this, it had never been this intense. For example, Winter had been her roommate for a long as she could remember. Camellia could not remember a time that she had shared a room with someone else.

Sure there had been times she would sneak into Summer’s bed for one reason or another, but she had never gone 5 days at home without Winter. She missed her sister so much but she didn’t know how to fix things. And when Winter had tried to reach out her last night, Camellia had snapped at her and had been completely rude.

She wasn’t sure why she had done it but she had regretted it as soon as she had gotten to her new room. Both because she knew that she had hurt her sister even more, and because the food she had prepared smelled delicious. She had slept on an empty stomach because she couldn’t face her.

And then she had gotten angry because this all started because of Winter being unreasonable about the testing thing. It wasn’t like Camellia had suggested that she needed to go through the testing with Winter. Sure it would have been nice to go through it with her sister, but now that they were fighting, it just felt like it was going to be a nightmare. 

Plus she was angry at both Winter and Summer because they were acting as if they had not gotten the opportunity to experience a different type of learning when they were younger. All her older sisters had been given the opportunity to learn things at a faster pace by their parents, and she felt that it was unfair that they were not willing to support her in this.

The whole support your sisters thing was not one way, they also had to support her, but she just felt like they were not even willing to give her the opportunity. That’s how she had ended up lying to Autumn about some things and now she regretted it. Lying meant she had to create even more lies and she dreading the day that Autumn would confront her.

This whole situation was messing with her head, and she ended up making friends with people she would have normally avoided, all because she wanted to avoid her sister. Being angry at someone and missing them at the same time was so hard.

“Camellia, pay attention.”

Camellia looked at the girl who had spoken and nodded. She really did not want to be here right now, but somehow, someone had discovered about the Proverbs daily reading thing and they had decided to turn it into a challenge.

Camellia didn’t even think some of them attended church, but it seems everyone wanted to take part in it. She was sure too that others had never read the Bible, ever, in their entire lives.

The challenge was that a person had to choose two verses, one that applied to her home life, and one for their school time. And they had to explain that verse to the whole group, and also explain the context. To be honest they didn’t even need the verse for what happened at home because no one had a way to tell if someone was lying. The school one though had to be something that at least three other people had noticed, and could give confirmation for.

“Okay, my turn,” the Monica, the girl who had called her said.

“My verse for my family is the one that speaks about the beautiful woman without discretion who is compared to a ring of gold in a pig’s snout. That’s my little sister for you, she doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut. You guys have no idea the things I have had to do because of her.”

Everyone laughed except for Camellia. Is that how Autumn felt about her? How the others felt?

“My second verse is the one that says whoever will bring ruin on their family will inherit the wind. And my situation is Camellia and Winter, one of them is bringing ruin to their family, I wonder who that person is?”

Camellia froze as she thought about what had been said, that was a really good question. 

“Well, either way, it’s none of your business,” Camellia responded. “And that explanation is wrong because it has nothing to do with you, you might want to try again,” Camellia answered her.

She refused to back down and let these people bully her or she would never find her place anywhere.

And she definitely did not have the strength to consider both the verses that Monica had mentioned. She would just file them somewhere in her mind, and she would deal with it later.

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