Four Seasons – Chapter 10

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When she first realized that Summer had called in the cavalry she hadn’t been happy about it. She wanted to have the choice to share, on her own, what was going on, and how she was feeling about it. It felt like the Camellia thing all over again. Another one of her sisters trying to control her life without even considering what she wanted.

But after two days of thinking things over, Winter realized that it was a good thing that Summer had called Selena. She wasn’t feeling so angry anymore and she could finally look at the situation with open eyes and an open heart. Dealing with other people’s emotions was some something Summer wasn’t good at, as someone who is just going through a life change herself, Summer couldn’t have been able to help her on her own.

And that is what her sister was trying to do, she was trying to help out her little sister, who was obviously falling apart on the inside. The anxiety and stress caused by the research and the hurt from being ignored by her sisters were getting to her and tearing her up inside. 

And so to not feel the pain, she had latched onto the feeling of anger and had been treating Summer the same way Autumn and Camellia had treated her.

Suddenly she realized that she really couldn’t judge Autumn and Camellia for what they were doing when she was capable of the same thing. And the hate that had been building up in her heart just now seemed pointless. And it truly caused more problems than it ever solved, it just wasn’t worth it.

Hatred stirs up conflict but love covers all wrongs.

She remembered reading that verse in the morning but she hadn’t been feeling it. She didn’t like being told not to be angry when she felt as if she had the right to it. She had been wronged, and instead of people stopping there, they just kept on adding insult to injury. How was it fair that she was just supposed to forgive them and let it go?

But then she remembered that she was supposed to forgive, just as she in Christ, had been forgiven.

She was supposed to love because He loved her first.

So it wasn’t about her sisters apologizing, or treating her better, it was about what she should do as a child of the most High God. Sort of like taking the high road, but with an actual purpose, and for more than the fact that she wanted to be ‘better’ and not come down to their level.

Not that taking the high road was a bad thing, in fact, it led to a lot less conflict than she routes she had been taking.

Either way, she had been a bad sister to Summer, when all Summer wanted to do was to help. And showing love also meant that she shouldn’t wait for her other sisters to extend a hand to her, but that she should do it instead.

So she had prepared a special meal for everyone to sit down together tonight and talk things out. She had used her own money, of course, to buy some supplies for the dinner and then spent a few hours in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

She was grateful that they had a gas oven as the meal she was prepared required an oven, so she had made sure to get a full extra tank of gas as well.

She had pretty much used up all the money she had, but truly felt that this was the way forward to get everything going. 

And now she was done, just waiting for the others to get home. Selena, who had helped her with the cooking and even got to carry stuff home, had just been picked up by her mom. The table was set and she had already changed into more comfortable clothes. 

She wished she could take a bath but she would just have to bath when the electricity was back. Sure she had bought some more gas, but the month was still in the early stages so saving up was just wise. Thank God their complex had a borehole because she didn’t know how they would have survived otherwise.

Not surprisingly, Summer was the first to come home and the first thing Winter did was to apologize to her, before she threw herself into her sister’s arms crying. Why she was crying, she wasn’t sure, but she sat for a while, with Summer’s arms around her, just trying to get herself together.

“You okay?” Summer asked some time later.

Winter just shrugged because she didn’t know. The tears had come out of nowhere, and they had left her completely drained.

“I made dinner,” she changed the topic.

“Oh cool, let’s go feast on it then,” Summer responded helping her up from the couch.

They didn’t talk about what had just happened, or what had been happening in the previous days.

And when Camellia was dropped off by her friend’s mom, Winter invited her to join them for supper with a smile on her face. She was making progress, she could do this.

And then Camellia said no and responded by ridiculing Winter for all her efforts, & Winter felt the anger rising again. But before she could respond, Summer whispered a verse to her that she remembered reading in the morning,

Sin is not ended by multiplying words, but the prudent hold their tongue.

And that was how she ended up feeling defeated, while she watched Camellia walk out the room without any retaliation.

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Four Seasons - Chapter 9
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