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Just because the sisters-Bible-bonding time was over did not mean that Autumn had stopped reading her Proverbs. 

And was it really over though? The bonding time?

Autumn knew that if it was over, it would be partly her fault. She was the first not to show up for it, well her and Camellia, but she was the oldest and should have known better. 

Now it was the third day this morning she had left again without taking the time to read with her sisters. Today it wasn’t strictly by choice though, she had to meet up with someone super early for a school project, and that meant leaving before everyone else was done.

She had left Camellia at home alone with the other for the first time, and wondered how that had gone down. Yesterday Camellia had some after-school lessons and so they had gotten home late. 

Instead of being dropped home by a friend, she had asked Autumn to pick her up and Autumn had agreed. She had taken her out for dinner before they had gone home.

It was only now as Autumn sat down staring at her Bible that she realized that might not have been the wisest thing to do. This had all started as innocent support of her sister when she thought she was being ganged up but now, it was turning into something else.

And it wasn’t like she didn’t know that Camellia was prone to theatrics sometimes, but when her sister had barely slept, crying the whole night, she had picked a side. She had picked a side in a battle she didn’t even know. 

Wasn’t there a verse she read a few days ago about signing a pledge with a stranger? Sure, Camellia wasn’t a stranger but Autumn hadn’t had the full details when she chose her side.

Then there was the fact that she could have known if she had asked – if she had supported them when they needed support. She had ignored them though and had chosen herself over them and this was the result. Now she had been forced to take a side in a battle she couldn’t even explain if she asked.

And she had thought at some point that at Summer would confront her, and she could find out what was going on, but Summer never even looked for her. Autumn had planned to speak to her this morning, then this project happened. She really hoped she would find the time over the next few days to talk it out with her sisters.

But this all came to be because she had refused to ask what was going on, that morning she refused to go to the school. Maybe if she would have asked she would have been able to calm everyone done, but now it was too late. 

Next time she was reminded of something her mother said, she would pay more attention to it and not just brush it off. And to think that her Proverbs reading of that day had warned her but she had chosen to ignore it. Even the putting up security for your neighbor verse was read that day. It was the verse that Summer had chosen, she remembered wondering why Summer would pick such a verse.

If only she had paid attention.

It was the first time that a reading of Proverbs had spoken to her and tried to give her wisdom but she hadn’t listened. All the verses she had picked on her own had sounded nice and carried some wisdom but that day, the Spirit had been trying to tell her something. 

And now that she had realized it, she wasn’t just going to let the practice of reading her Proverbs go. Sure today she hadn’t read it in the morning but she would always make sure to read it anyway. And it didn’t matter if it felt like there wasn’t anything for her, she would read it anyway because who knows when the Spirit would guide her next? 

If she didn’t read, she would miss the guidance altogether, just like she was possibly missing insight coming from her sisters. Unfortunately, she wasn’t yet at the level of the Christians who heard from God all the time without the help of the Bible or a Pastor. So she had to maximize on this Proverbs thing.

Today she read a verse that felt like a warning. If she was wise, her wisdom would reward her, but if she was a mocker,  she would suffer. This situation with her sisters required wisdom to be dealt with. She couldn’t just assume anymore that people were ganging up on Camellia or that they should have known that Camellia wasn’t beyond whatever she had done.

Camellia didn’t always think about others when she made her decisions, she thought she knew best and often made decisions for others. All the sisters knew that and all this time Autumn had been telling herself that they should have known better. 

Then there was the room situation.

She had felt that Autumn had gone too far in demanding that a room change happen, and she had been so angry. She hadn’t even wanted to speak to Autumn because she felt that she had nothing nice to say. 

But now that she thought about it, asking for a room change did not sound like Autumn at all, that was more if Camellia thing. Which means Camellia had lied to her and she had fallen for it. Camellia had requested a room change but then she regretted it and now she was crying and blaming others for her mistake. 

Or maybe at least trying to convince Autumn that others were to blame so that Autumn would pick her side.

Autumn wondered if she should confront her or wait for her to be honest with her and tell the truth. Could Camellia even be trusted to tell the truth at this point?

Autumn really needed wisdom on how to deal with all of this because she didn’t want to end up suffering because of Camellia’s dumb decisions. And her own decisions because she was the one who had believed Camellia,  she should have known better.

Shaking her head at her own gullibleness, she packed up her things and got ready for the next class.

She would deal with everything later when she had the chance. 

One thing at a time, and right now, it was time for school.

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