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While Monday mornings are almost never good, this particular Monday morning had Summer wanting to pull her hair out. The household had been split into half and Summer didn’t know how to fix things.

As she listened to the front door bang shut, she looked at Winter who hadn’t left the room but was at the kitchen table having her food. Camellia and Autumn hadn’t even bothered to eat, nor had they stopped in the kitchen to read the Proverbs chapter of the day.

They had not even bothered to say good morning to anyone else and had just gone about their day as if they were living in the house alone.

While she wasn’t too bothered by their tantrums, she didn’t like what it was doing to Winter. She was used to them not liking something she had insisted upon, and having them shut her out was no strange thing to her. But she had never seen them shut Winter out like this before. 

Usually, they kept her close because she was the bridge between them and Summer, but this time they had frozen her out as well. And as Summer looked at Winter, she couldn’t help but notice that her sister was in pain. 

It had started yesterday but Summer had been too exhausted to notice. She should have known something was wrong when Winter hadn’t gone to church with the others. They had obviously not even bothered to wake her up, when before she was the one who always woke them up.

And what was she being punished for? For not wanting people to study her and treat her differently? For being angry at someone who for all intents and purposes betrayed her trust and forced her into a situation she never wanted to be in?

And to make matters worse, she could have said no. She could have said no to the testing and then the school would have to work with just Camellia, or maybe find another way to control her. In fact, they could have just pulled her out of school and homeschooled her or something. 

But no, Winter had sacrificed her own choices and her own preferences, and she was getting punished for it.

What really got to Summer though was that the sacrifice probably been about more than just Camellia. It had also been about their school fees. 

It was only this morning that Summer came to the realization that Winter probably knew that Summer couldn’t afford their fees anymore. And the group wanting to do research on gifted siblings was willing to pay for not just their high school tuition, but their university tuition as well.

And Winter had probably chosen let them tie her to this research for the next two years because she knew the load it would take off of Summer’s shoulders. 

So maybe she agreed because of Summer, and maybe even herself because she probably didn’t want to leave her school.

But that didn’t mean she wasn’t angry at Camellia though, because while this would in a way benefit her, it had been a hard choice for her to make. Summer knew that Winter would have rather gotten a job or found a way to increase her income from her blog rather in this research. 

In fact, she probably would have rather gone to a cheaper school than to have had this research as a choice.

But by putting her out there, Camellia had removed the option for her to make the easy choice. 

For most people, this was a better choice than to leave her school, or to work overtime to make ends meet, but for Winter it wasn’t. Summer knew that for Winter it a mental battle was more dangerous than exhaustion from overworking herself or changing schools. 

Summer feared she could lose her sister as she knew her because of this. 

And she couldn’t let that happen. 

The past four years had been rough but Winter has made it so bearable for Summer. She couldn’t count the number of times that Winter had been there where she needed assistance. Starting from taking care of Camellia when she had to work, to contributing some money towards everyone’s upkeep in the past year.

And even this Proverbs thing that had accelerated the fight between the sisters had been done to try to help her get back in the word.

Most of the choices she made had been for other people, but who was looking for her?

Grabbing her phone, she looked for Selena’s number and sent out an SOS. Summer needed all the help she could get, and Winter’s best friend was the most obvious choice.

Whatever it took, she had to make sure Winter came of this unharmed. She had to make sure that there was growth instead of regression. The research probably wasn’t going to her grow in any way that she cared about, so that meant that they had to provide the growth from the other side.

That meant they needed Jesus now more than they had ever needed Him since their parents died. 

And Summer didn’t know how else to start this but by making sure that they still spent time reading the Bible together. Even if it was just the two of them, they would discuss what they were reading. 

“So, I saw you read your Proverbs earlier, what verse caught your attention?” She asked.

“Umm, the one that says choose my instruction instead of silver and, knowledge rather than gold and nothing compares to wisdom,” she responded. 

“Okay, do you have any idea why one stood out you?” Summer asked.

That sounded more like a verse meant for her and not Winter. For the past four years, she had been putting making money over listening to God and learning from Him. She had been putting her job over reading her bible and not living life the way God would want her to.

“Because I am so tempted to drop out of the research before it even starts and create things are more likely to give me money but are not Jesus rooted.”

“What do you need the money for?” Summer asked knowing the answer already. 

“I know you can’t afford the school fees anymore, while the thought of changing school had me worried, it doesn’t come close to the fear that this research inspired,” she replied.

Summer nodded, she had been right it seemed. 

“What did you catch from it?” Winter asked her.

“Blessed are those who listen to wisdom and search for it, those who find it will receive favor from the Lord. It made me think that with this situation we are in, we need God’s blessing and His favor. It would be the ultimate wisdom to let God lead us. You should know that if you decide you can’t do this, I would stick by your side and support you,” Summer added needing Winter to know she wasn’t alone. 

Winter nodded and concentrated once again in the food she was trying to eat but was obviously failing.

Summer started to say something when she heard her text come in on her phone. Checking the message she realized that the cavalry was here. It was best to let Selena in and she could finish getting ready for work.

After letting Selena and her mom into the flat, she headed to her new room to finish up preparing for work.

Maybe she could catch a ride with them instead of having to wait for public transport. And she would need time to talk to Selena’s mom to explain everything that was going on.

Sel’s mom knew how to pray, and this situation, prayer was their only solution. 

God, please give us your wisdom to get through this, she prayed.

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