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It was the morning after a day that had been a complete disaster, and while it was a Sunday, it seemed that everyone had missed church. By the time that Winter woke up, the church service was almost finished and there was really no point in going. 

Summer was asleep too and Winter was glad for that because her sister had been up the whole night working. That was how she handled discomfort, pain, and confusion, she worked until she dropped dead with exhaustion. 

Yesterday had been a hard day for all of them. And then for her to have spent the whole night working, Winter knew she had to be exhausted. Plus the fact that she had just started on a new job had probably left her drained.

Not that Summer was much of Church goer though, her sister had not been to church in 8 months. And not because she was against church or anything, but she was just always busy and had work to do. Or she would have had an all-nighter and needed to rest before she got up for more work. 

Maybe she could have tried to fit it in on other days but Summer wasn’t one to do things halfway. She was either all in, or she didn’t do anything at all. Plus she didn’t have any free time that Winter knew of. If she wasn’t working she was doing school stuff, or attending to the sisters in whatever capacity she could. That meant she had probably promised herself that she would go to church one day, on the day when she could give it all her attention. 

And maybe one day she will?

Since no one had woken her up, Winter figured that Camellia and Autumn were still sleeping so she decided not to bother them.

Going to church was the one thing the three of them did together and Winter hoped that by next Sunday, she and Camellia would be back on speaking terms.

She really didn’t want their Sunday routine to be changed. 

After taking a much-needed bath, Winter began to make some breakfast for everyone, she would wake them up when it was done. 

She was extremely bummed out to find that the electricity wasn’t there this morning, but she would have to deal with it. She would have to leave later to get some gas since obviously they would need more today if they wanted to have a warm bath.

And one thing she and her sisters had in common was that they hated cold water. 

She had thought that today there would be electricity like last Sunday, but there was nothing. The only reason she hadn’t baked the previous night was that she expected to have electricity today.

Finishing up on the breakfast, Winter decided to read her Proverbs before waking up her sisters. Maybe it would give her direction on how to talk to them, and handle the situation they were going through. 

As she read the chapter though, she realized that it one of those where the only thing she got out of it was the exhortation to keep wisdom in her heart. While it was good in that it taught her the importance of seeking wisdom, sometimes she really wished that there was more to it.

But then again, wisdom was the principal thing so maybe that’s all she needed. She sat at the table and prayed, asking God to give a wise and understanding heart before she left the room. Going back to her own room first, she woke Winter up and watched as her sister headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

She looked exhausted and Winter knew she would have to convince her later to get some more rest.

Moving on to Summer’s old room, she knocked on the door a few times, before she opened it after getting no response. When she opened the door, she was surprised to find it empty with the beds already made.

As so many different thoughts battled to have dominance in her mind, Winter let go of the door and walked to the kitchen slowly. 

They couldn’t have left for the church without her right? Sure they were fighting, but there were just some things that you didn’t do no matter what. 

And it wasn’t even like this whole fight was her fault to begin with. 

When she got to the kitchen door, Winter took a deep breath to calm herself down. No in upsetting Summer as well. 

So what if she felt betrayed by her sisters? Today she was going to take care of Summer.

“Hey, you ready for breakfast?” She asked Summer as she walked into the room.

“Hmm, yeah, thanks. I didn’t eat last night so I could use some food this morning. No church today?”

“Autumn took Camellia. I kinda overslept, was really tired last night, but I couldn’t sleep for a while,” she shrugged it off as if she wasn’t hurting. “Come come, dig in, those two can have whatever is left off later when they come back, or I’ll eat it.”

“Let’s hope there is something left over, the way I am feeling I want to eat everything.”

And true to her word, by the time Summer was done, there was barely anything left. She had never seen her eat so much food before and it got Winter a little worried. 

Was Summer not eating well? Maybe she needed to monitor her sister’s eating habits from now on.

When they were done, Summer wanted to help clean up, but Winter insisted that she take a bath instead. And when she was gone, Winter’s mind immediately jumped back to the knowledge that Autumn and Camellia had left without her. 

Checking the time, she saw that church had been over for an hour so that meant they had even gone to her out together without her. She always looked forward to their little adventures after church and now they were doing it without her.

It took her some minutes to notice that she had tears running down her face. Cleaning herself up,  she finished up in the kitchen before she brought out her coloring books to get some downtime. She needed to do something to distract herself from the thoughts she was having.

She also had to have a conversation with Summer about some of the things going and she needed a clear head to do that.

It was another 20mins before she saw her sister walk into the sitting room. 

“I feel so sleepy,” she said sitting across from Winter.

“You should get some rest,” Winter suggested. “I know you finished all the work you needed to already and you have nothing else urgent for today. It’s important you get some rest for work tomorrow.”

The conversation they needed to have can be had tomorrow, or some other time. Today the most important thing was for her to rest.

“Okay, you are right, I feel so exhausted right now. But before I go, I have a question to ask. Why did you do it? Why did you blackmail Camellia into getting us to do the Proverbs challenge?”

Winter thought about how Camellia had exposed her the previous day when they had gotten into a fight. It wasn’t like Winter thought that Camellia would have been able to keep her mouth shut forever, but she had hoped for a little more time than she had gotten.

“I am sorry I went behind you back, but I felt like if I had come to you directly, as I had tried other times, you would have shut me down,” she responded.

“You have tried before? I don’t remember that,” Summer responded.

“Yeah, probably not, I am not aggressive as Camellia in getting what I want, that’s why I went to her. It wasn’t fair to you though, and I am sorry.”

“Winter…I don’t remember those times, but you are probably right, I would have probably just made excuses. Except that now, I feel like I have no one in this flat who has my back you know? You usually always tell me the truth, or at least I thought you did, now though? I just don’t know.”

Winter nodded, but she wasn’t sure what to say. Summer was right, she had been keeping secrets, and she had broken her sister’s trust. Would she do things differently if given the chance for a do-over? Probably not if that was the only way, because she was committed to getting Summer back in the word.

But maybe God could have given her wisdom on how to do it better if she had asked. He can give her wisdom, even now, to help get Summer further into the word.

“Can you try not to do that again? Can you try to be more open and honest with me?” Summer asked.

Winter nodded quickly, this was a second chance, and this time she would do things right.

And as for the issue of Autumn and Camellia, she still wasn’t happy about it and she really didn’t feel like she was ready to think about what that could mean.

For now, she would watch over her sister and wait to see what happens with everything else

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