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Autumn walked to the kitchen feeling pretty excited because today she had a free morning all to herself and could do whatever she wanted. 

This was the one day that even waking up early to read Proverbs with the others wasn’t going to be a problem because she could just go back to sleep afterwards.

As usual, she was only operating on a few hours of sleep but today she could have a coffee if she wanted one. Maybe she would drink some coffee, warm herself up, and do a little bit of client work until she was feeling sleepy again.

One of the projects she had was actually due tonight, and she could actually start working on it in the morning and have it ready to send way earlier than it was required. 

“Morning all,” she said as she stepped into the kitchen and began to make her coffee. 

The mood in the kitchen was quite sober, and after looking around at everyone, Autumn decided she was not going to ask. She honestly did not want to have to deal with anything that could affect her current mood.

Today was a day of joy and happiness. 

If you see your sisters sad, ask them and help them out, you need to have each’s back.

Autumn shook her head at her mother’s voice in her head. Her mom had always been about the sisters sticking together and having each other’s back. She believed that at the end of the day, they would have no one else but each, her four little seasons.

But Autumn wasn’t little anymore, none of them, even Camellia was 12 going on 22. Plus things just hadn’t been the same since her parents had passed away. She had to grab a moment of peace for herself whenever she got the chance to do so.

Never leave your sisters alone to deal with their problems while you enjoy your life without them.No one should get left behind.

There was that voice again.

Pushing it way, Autumn focused on finishing the task of getting her coffee ready, then she sat done for the Bible reading.

Today was the 6th so they were reading chapter 6. Camellia, when she started reading, was not her usual joyful self, but she read the chapter anyway.

When she chose her verse, she chose to point out a verse that said that the Lord hated people who lied, and she did so looking right Winter. When it was her own turn, Winter picked another verse on what God hated, saying that God hated someone who sows discord among brethren. 

Looking between them, Autumn realized that they were going through one of their occasional fights, but what surprised her the most was that Winter was also going on offense. That, and the fact that Summer wasn’t trying to make them work it out, she seemed pretty pissed herself. 

When it was her turn, she ran her eyes over the chapter and her eyes caught sight of the verse that talked about keeping your father’s command and not forsaking the law of your mother, but Autumn chose to ignore it. Her parents were no longer around to order her around, plus anyway, that part of the chapter was titled Beware of Adultery.

She went instead to the verse that talked about learning from the ant. While she wasn’t lazy by any means, she hadn’t been saving any money for a rainy day, and had been instead spending all her extra coins on partying and drinking.

No wonder Summer was always telling her to cut back on spending her money on late nights. She needed to save more. Next time she went out, it would be on other people’s coin and not her own.

Plus the verse could also apply to her finishing up her project in the morning instead of going to sleep as she was contemplating. If she finished it early, she could also finish the others and be able to take more work and that would mean more money, both for saving and for spending. 

She gave that as her verse and saw Winter rolling her eyes but she decided not to engage with her. Whatever Winter’s problem was, she wanted no part in it. 

For Summer, she chose the first part of the chapter talking about shaking hands in pledge with a neighbor and Autumn wondered what dangerous promise Summer of all people could have made.

She was the most practical of all the sisters, and she never made hasty promises that she couldn’t keep.

Deciding to keep out of it, Autumn did not engage any of them and decided instead she would leave now to head to the cafe to do some work.

“Autumn, wait, is there a chance you could come to the school with us today? There is meeting there today with a psychologist who wants to test Camellia’s IQ and I think I might need some backup for this whole process. It would be good if you there from the beginning,” Summer said as she requested that Autumn join her.

Go back to the high school? Uh, nop, not going to happen.

“Sorry I can’t, have a class this whole morning, sorry,” the lie fell from her tongue easily. 

“Plus what could I truly help with in the situation? They want a parent or the guardian right? You are their guardian, and I am still technically a teenager,” Autumn added. 

If she didn’t lay down the rules now she might be expected to join later. She had to make sure her sister got the drift that she wouldn’t be helping her in this situation. 

“I can pick up on other house things you might need to be done while you take care of that though.”

She watched Summer shake her head before she turned away from her and while mumbling the words never mind. She felt a little bad for turning down her sister but the high school was a place she never wanted to go to.

She had been at school when she got the news of her parents’ deaths, and it had never been the same for her since that day. Someone had smuggled in a phone into their class and they had been showing pictures of a horrible accident when looked to see her parents. 

She had frozen, phone in hand until one of her classmates had recognized her mom as well, and they taken the phone from her. She remembered calling Summer, who hadn’t known and having to keep the news from Camellia and Autumn until Summer got on a plane and arrived back home.

Everyone at school had seen that picture, and it had haunted her for the next two years until she managed to graduate early. She had written her O levels at 15years and her A’ levels at 16 and she had not looked back since.

Nodding at her sisters she rushed out of the kitchen, plugging in her earphones with loud music to block the memories. 

She had work to do, she had better get to it now.

Grabbing everything she needed, she left the flat with a wave at Camellia and she headed to a cafe where she knew she would have both electricity and wifi.  

Autumn spent the rest of the morning working on her project. She finished it in a few hours and started another one which she finished again and started another one. By this time she had switched to her Bible app and was listening to her audio Bible instead. Listening to the audio Bible always worked to soothe her in a way that nothing else did.

She ended up working the whole day at the cafe, breaking only for an hour when her best friend Molly had joined her for lunch. 

When she left the cafe later that night, it was already after 9 pm and she wasn’t feeling like partying so she decided to go home.

It had been a truly exhausting day and if she was going to take her sisters to church tomorrow, she would need to sleep for at least 5 hours so she didn’t sleep during the service.

When she got home,  slightly after 10, she was surprised to see the flat in darkness with no one up even though electricity had just to come back.

Usually, by this time, Winter would have been in the kitchen putting things into the oven for the next morning. 

She was glad that she had grabbed some baked goods from the cafe, so they had something for the morning. She decided to take a bath before bed because that always made her feel better, and helped her sleep when it was time to sleep.

Walking into her room, she froze for a moment, thinking that maybe she had walked into the wrong room. Looking at her side of the room, everything looked normal, but what should be Summer’s side looked nothing like Summer’s side. 

Instead, it looked exactly like Camellia’s side of the room, in the room she shared with Winter. Camellia herself was lying on the bed with her earphones plugged in, watching a movie.

“Umm, Camellia?  What are you doing here? What’s going on?” She asked after plucking one of the earphones out.

“Oh, hey, change of sleeping arrangements, surprise I am your new roommate. But aren’t you home early?  Hearing Summer talk, you only ever come back the day after,” Camellia said, changing the topic without missing a beat.

“Why did the sleeping arrangements change?” Autumn asked heading out of the room.

“Don’t bother, they locked the door and said not to bother them. You will have to speak to them tomorrow, which when you were expected back. I am going back to my movie now, but you should know that we saw you today, at the cafe. You lied to us, you didn’t have a lesson. Not cool, because now everyone is wondering what more you have lied about. Just thought I should warn you,” she added, while putting on her earphone again and completely ignoring Autumn.

Oh oh, she had been caught.

And what the hell was going on?

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