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Summer took a deep breath and looked down at Winter who was sitting at the kitchen table.

She had been home late the previous night and they had not had the opportunity to discuss what had happened at school. And thinking about how busy their office had been, she was so grateful that Winter had offered to be the one who attended to the issue with Camellia.

She had been late tonight too but this time she had found Winter waiting for her. The moment she saw her sister, she knew something was wrong. She did not think it would be this bad though. 

The result of the meeting was something that both she and Winter had always wanted to avoid.

Putting Camellia in the same class with Winter sounded bad enough, but having them tested? Camellia was probably loving this, but it wasn’t what Winter wanted for her life, and Summer had to agree.

“So you and Camellia in the same class, every day?” She asked Winter.

“Yes, for now, but what’s worse is the testing. I really don’t want to be moved from my class. The babysitting I don’t mind as much, but I like keeping along with people my own age. I don’t want to be moved up.”

Winter sounded really miserable.

“I am so sorry, but why are they forcing you to take the test too?”

“They brought in a professional, and now people are suddenly interested in finding just how gifted she is. And the little idiot had to mention that it runs in the family,” Winter complained.

“Oh, for pete’s sake, couldn’t Camellia just keep her mouth shut? She knows you don’t want the attention. I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to have you get stuck in this.”

“It’s fine, even if you had attended the meeting, the result would be the same,” Winter came to her defense. 

Summer turned back to her pot in frustration, it was a little after 12 am and she was heating up some food to eat before going to bed. She also had another pot on the side cooking something for tomorrow…well today. 

Cooking stuff to just heat up the next day had become their ritual because they did not always have money for gas. She was struggling to keep up with all the bills and was cutting back on all purchases that could be avoided. 

“Right, okay, well, I am still sorry anyway. But now we have to figure out how to deal with this. What do they want from my end? Who do I need to talk to?” Summer asked Winter.

“For now they said that you have to come in for a meeting tomorrow morning. The lady who will be doing the tests wants to start soon but she has to meet you first before they do it.”

Summer nodded. Tomorrow morning she could do, she did not have to go to work tomorrow, and she had cleared out the day of all other side gigs because she did know how things would go. She had dedicated time during the night instead to do the work that needs to be done.

“I think I can do tomorrow morning. I found out today that we don’t actually work weekends unless it’s specifically requested. Tomorrow…today it wasn’t so we can go,” Summer said 

“I hate this,” Winter responded. 

“I know, I’m so sorry.”

Winter shrugged and looked down at her hands, leaving Summer to finish up cooking and eating.

When she did speak a few minutes later, Summer was surprised at the change of topic.

“So you missed the Proverbs reading yesterday, what was the verse you have picked?” Winter asked.

Winter had caught her reading the bible before they read it as a family on Wednesday so she knew she liked to prepare.

Summer thought about it for a moment, remembering the chapter that Winter was asking about.

“That whole chapter was a little too random for me. So I have to stick to verse one and two. To stay in the word of God and always ask Him for wisdom so that I may have discretion and always speak with knowledge.”

When Winter started laughing, Summer looked back at her wondering what was going on. 

“Actually, we all picked that verse…well except Autumn but you know how she is.”

Summer nodded and turned back to her pots.

“How are you feeling though, about this whole Bible reading thing,” Winter asked hesitantly.

“Emmm, it’s fine I guess, it’s something that needed to be done,” Summer responded. 

She just felt guilty that she had stopped all this time and it had taken Camellia’s theatrics to get her to read her bible. Its like her manufacturer’s handbook. How was she living life without using it? And she did not even remember the last time she had been in church. Its was definitely not on 2019 though, so it’s at least been 6months. 

“I can almost see your brain working but you need to stop feeling guilty. Just read and spend time with God, He doesn’t want you to feel bad, He doesn’t want you feeling condemnation.”

“It’s just…” Summer started.

“Remember the story of the prodigal son? Think of the love of that father who accepted that son back into his home without any condemnation. That’s how the Father is accepting you now. Think of how the shepherd looked for the lost sheep, and how he treated it after he found it. That’s how Jesus would treat you now, with scolding, but putting you on His shoulders. 

“He loves you Summer, just spend more time in that love and don’t feel bad that you hadn’t done so before.”

Summer looked at her sister and wondered if she was right. 

“And FYI, you’re a great sister, no matter what anyone says, you are doing a great job. Anyone else could have let other relatives take us in, one by one, but you didn’t. You made so many sacrifices to keep us together. And you are still grieving too, you never got the chance to do that properly. 

“When Autumn and Camellia speak about you ignoring them or whatever, I think that’s when you should ignore them. They don’t know what they are talking about.”

Summer heard what Winter was saying but was she right? Could it be that easy?

It did not surprise her though that Winter was in tune with what she was feeling because Winter always knew. She was the one person in this house that she knew always had her back. Was she right in this?

Summer sighed but she didn’t say anything. She kept on cooking just thinking about everything that was going on, against what Winter had said. Could she let go of all the guilt and just move on like that? 

Forget the former things for behold, I am doing a new thing.

Wasn’t there a verse like that in the bible?



“Here, I bought you something, well, I bought you a lot of things but for now I will give you these three books and install something for you to listen to on your phone,” Winter said. 

Summer turned and looked down at the books her sister had given her. She had never seen them before and wondered what they were going to be like as she unlocked her phone at her sister’s request. 


“Please don’t say no, I really wish you would just read this and listen to this. I even have some audio books I bought for you if you would log in onto your audible. I know you haven’t listened to anything in a while so I bought them for you in your account without you noticing. I know it’s a lot. But this way you get to pick where you want to start and go from there.”

Summer took a deep breath and nodded. She had not been expecting this, but this was Winter, she could never say no to Winter. Her sister rarely ever asked anything of her but was always there to lend a hand and make her life easier.

“It would make you happy if I did this?” She asked. 

“It would make  me happy if you gave it a fair chance, if you don’t like it after that, then you won’t have to, but just give a chance and try different things?” Winter pleaded. 

Summer nodded and smiled at her sister in promise, for Winter, she would give a chance. Sure her schedule was packed and she really didn’t have the time for it but she would somehow make the time.

She owed it to Winter.

Plus these resources might just be the answer to getting her back into God’s word. She hadn’t known where and how to start, so now she would start with these.

“Thank you,” she responded going around the table to hug Winter. 

Without truly knowing it, Winter had once again come through for her.

God bless her. 

She wondered what else Winter had bought for her, but she didn’t ask.

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