Four Seasons – Chapter 4

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Looking down at her food, Camellia wished she could just go back to bed.

But she couldn’t because she was the one who initiated this whole reading Proverbs thing. Not that she did it willingly but the result was the same. 

Waking every morning and being organized was better than the alternative of having Winter tell Summer that the reason her laptop had crashed, was because she, Camellia, had put a flash with viruses on it. Multiple viruses.

Sure it was now working, and she had been able to restore all the data, but the truth is, no one was allowed to touch Summer’s laptop. It was her work laptop and even she did not use it for random stuff.

But Camellia had been working on a really important project on her laptop and she couldn’t afford to test the flash drive there. Her laptop did not have an antivirus, but she figured that since Summer’s had one, she would be safe. Obviously, that was a wrong assumption because it had come back to bite her in the behind.

Summer had been so angry that Camellia had vowed to never speak the truth and have that anger directed at her. It had caused the second strike against Summer in her, then, job, which she had lost about two months ago. 

Of course, it wasn’t the only thing that Winter could use to blackmail her, but somehow she always knew what to use and when to use it. 

Camilla pushed the plate away with a growl, thinking about it did not change anything. Instead, she decided that like the past two days, she will enjoy her sisters’ obvious dislike of their new morning routine.

Autumn because she didn’t like waking up early, and Summer because she felt it took time away from her morning routine. 

Whatever, it wasn’t like it was actually her choice to do it, but she would at least take advantage of it to learn something from the Bible.

Camilla really liked reading her Bible. It was something she had done with her mom before and she always felt close to her when she did it. There were so many cool stories in there and she enjoyed reading them. Some things she skipped because it made no sense to her, but other stories she would read over and over again because she really liked them.

She usually went to Autumn when there were some things she didn’t understand but wanted to know about. Her sister would always help her google it if she didn’t understand it either. While reading the Bible was fun for her, she hated commentaries so she always preferred asking someone else. 

Maybe when she was more grown up she would commentaries a chance, but for now, she really did not care.

She looked up at her Summer when her sister walked into the room and grabbed the slip from her bag that she had forgotten to give her before. 

It was another notice from the school informing Summer that Camellia was causing trouble in her class again, and might need to moved up another grade.


“Don’t, I know I am supposed to stay out of trouble but I didn’t do anything. Since when is it wrong to ask teachers questions? It’s not my fault she didn’t know the answers while I did. Plus she was kind of teaching us something incorrectly again. And if I don’t clarify things with her, she marks me wrong just because it’s not what she taught, even though she is teaching lies,” Camellia defended herself. 

“Sure, but did you have to do in front of the class?” Summer asked.

“It’s not my fault she is stupid, why is she teaching a subject she doesn’t know?”


“It’s a good thing I am being moved. They are all kind stupid, why don’t they just put me in the class with smart kids?”

“Stop calling people stupid. Camellia, you are only 12years old, they wanted to keep you with other children more your age,” Summer tried to reason with her.

“I could totally ace all of Winter’s classes. And unlike Winter, I don’t like pretending like I am not smarter than all of them.”

Summer shook her head at her and looked to Winter who had walked in the middle of the conversation. 

“I really don’t know what to do with her,” she said to Winter, stepping aside for Autumn to walk further into the kitchen. 

“Can’t Autumn come to the school instead of you? I know it’s only your 4th day at work today, too early to ask for a day off so suddenly,” Winter suggested.

Camellia rolled her eyes, Autumn, while she was the cool sister, she was useless when it came to school stuff.

“Sorry, can’t, got things planned the whole day,” Autumn immediately responded, before stuffing her mouth with some food.

Summer and Winter looked at her for a few seconds before they both dismissed her, one by rolling her eyes, while the other just shook her head.

“I have to go in the office first and figure this out, I can’t just not show up, and I don’t feel comfortable calling,” Summer said finishing up her own food.

“Don’t worry about,  I will meet with them,” Winter responded. 


“New job remember. I will deal with it for now, or at least delay the meeting for you until next week. I will get them to call you so that they know I am not lying.”

“Ugh, okay, thank you. I really don’t I would do without you. In the meantime, I will feel out things at work to see how they feel about it,” Summer said to Winter.

At this point, Camellia really didn’t care. As long as it wasn’t Autumn she was fine. She knew it would be weird since Winter was only three years older than her but she a mature 15-year-old. 

“Okay, Proverbs time, let’s do this,” Camellia said instead.

And as she expected, Autumn groaned and Camellia suddenly felt happier.

After she finished reading, she looked over the verses to see what she could talk about. Most of it was of no interest, but then her eye caught onto the verse about keeping corrupt talk from your mouth.

“Hey look, Autumn, today Proverbs is talking about that dirty mouth of yours,” she laughed pointing at her sister.

“Pot, kettle, black,” her sister responded without even raising her head.

Winter talked about guarding one’s heart, as all we do flows from it. Camellia noticed that she was looking straight at Summer as she talked and they shared a look. She checked to see if Autumn had noticed, but as usual, she was in her own world. There was obviously something going on there and she would try to figure it out.

Not just because she was nosy, but because she also liked to keep her sisters happy. That was her job in the family, making people laugh, she had to contribute something as well.

 When it was Autumn’s turn, she mumbled something that didn’t make any sense and Summer talked about getting wisdom no matter what it cost you. Was it costing her more than her organization in the morning? Was there something going on that she didn’t know about?

“Oh cool, so see, it may have cost you your orderly mornings and Autumn her sleep, but wisdom is super cool. “It makes you a little of an idiot.”

Summer narrowed her eyes at her but Camellia just laughed. Her morning had definitely gotten better.


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