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Where Grace superabounds - Got a weakness? God can use you 2

For Sermons, Thoughts, and Feelings the idea is to use sermons available online, whether as podcasts or on youtube, or even just the sermons notes. However, there is a Joseph Prince sermon that caught my attention and refused to let it go for a while now. Like most Joseph Prince sermons, there is no free full version of this on their sites, and it’s not yet available under sermon-notes. However, I was able to find a blog, by Milton Goh, that posts unofficial Joseph Prince sermon notes for anyone who would like to refer to the sermon and have no access to it. I will however also link the YouTube excerpt below in the title.

The sermon that caught my attention in regards to living the vine life is a sermon from 2017, 23 July, titled, Got a weakness? God can use you! I had listened to this sermon before obviously, multiple times in fact, but when I started listening to it a few weeks ago, there were just little bits of reminders in there that I needed. From the very beginning of the sermon, I found myself being reminded of things I had forgotten or that I tended to overlook in my day to day living. My thoughts and feeling about this sermon with regards to living the vine life and the journey I have been on will be split into different parts with this being the first.

The first part caught my attention because I had fallen into a state of worry, as has unfortunately been common in my life for a long time now. Pastor Prince starts by talking about how every day we wake up, God would have released a wave of unmerited, undeserved favor because of the Lord Jesus’ finished work. Jesus’ finished work at the cross released an aggressive flow of wave after wave of God’s blessings and grace towards man. He emphasized on how we don’t earn this wave after wave but we receive it when we receive His gift of righteousness. In this short excerpt titled, Enjoy Wave After Wave Of God’s Grace, from a different sermon, Pastor Prince explains what He means by wave after wave of grace.


The worry though, according to Pastor Prince, constricts God’s supply in whatever area we are worrying about. He talks about how he had a vision once of golden pipes supplying grace to different areas of our lives. He likens the pipes to those mentioned in Zechariah 4 and explains that when we worry, we are choking the supply that God already has consistently flowing towards us. Pastor Prince reminds us, as he had preached many other times, that provision flows best in the worry-free areas of our lives. He encourages us to let go and let His supply flow.

Pastor describes worrying as thinking after the flesh instead of concentrating on Jesus. He explains that when we try to make the grace flow, we choke it from flowing freely in our lives. He even touches on how prayer, when desperate, can frustrate the grace of God in our lives. He uses the example of Moses at the Red sea to explain that sometimes we just need to flow with the grace or supply God has already provided instead making desperate prayers to appeal to God.

John 1 : 16

NLT: “From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.”

John 1 verse 16 says that out of His fullness we have received grace after grace. So the grace of God is already available in our lives, and our prayers should be affirming and declaring the grace that is already flowing. And in Galatians 3, God’s word says that He constantly supplies to us His Spirit and constantly works miracles among us. This means that we never run out or leak of the Spirit, and we should be aware that He is constantly working miracles in our lives. He goes on to say that when your prayer is begging God for something He has already done, it is not faith, and instead, we need to confess and decree the word upon our lives.

Lamentations 3

22 Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.

This reminder really impacted my life as it made me aware that I had forgotten to constantly be aware of the constant supply of grace after grace. It reminded me of Lamentations 3 where the word says His love never ceases and His mercy is new every morning. I often get stuck in my previous failures, or what I didn’t do yesterday instead of treating each new day that comes as a new day, with new provisions from God. I sometimes tend to forget that He also said tomorrow shall take care of itself and I obsess over my lack of provision for the next week.

Matthew 6

34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

As a branch connected to the vine, it is important to remember my position. It does not help me in any way when I forget my position in Him, or I don’t understand it fully. The moment I worry, I either lose focus from the vine, which is where my concentration should be and sometimes I even try to take everything into my hands and try to fix everything instead of flowing in the vine life. Trying to do my own things kind of seems opposite of abiding, as Jesus instructed us to do. And if worrying chokes the flow of the vine life or His wave of grace after grace, then it’s definitely something I always need to be aware of and avoid. I need to concentrate on not letting my heart be troubled.

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Where Grace superabounds - Got a weakness? God can use you 2


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