How the Holy Spirit helps us in living the vine life

The importance of considering the source
Why bother living in the vine?

I was reading today’s thought in Pastor Prince’s Thoughts of living the Let go Life today and the verse really resonated with me. Today’s thought was encouraging us that instead of being stressed and anxious about something we need to just ask the Holy Spirit to teach us how to handle the situation. The verse for today is John 14 verse 26 and it says the Holy Spirit would teach us all things and bring to remembrance all things that the Lord has said to us. Now let me explain why this verse really spoke to me this morning, it’s not a new verse by any means, in fact, I love this verse, the only problem is I occasionally forget it.


Which is kind of ironic because the verse literally says the Holy Spirit brings to remembrance all things that Christ taught us. I have found myself on some days scolding myself after realizing at the end of the day that I forgot to meditate on the verse, that is, on days I would have promised myself I would. In fact, I kind of always forget to meditate on whatever verse or verses I would have wanted to meditate on, or I forget to pick a verse altogether. Or there are those times I forget to stay in peace because I am trying to control things I have no control over, being that I am just but a branch.

I mean I could take control but then I don’t really want to depend on me because I don’t know how to live the Christian life, I don’t really think anyone can live that life except for the Lord Jesus Christ because we still have sin in our flesh, something the Lord Jesus Christ never had. I always seem to forget things, so how I am supposed to live the life the bible says I should when I don’t remember what it says I should do? So every few hours could be rolling my eyes at myself and scolding myself as I remind myself to let go and let God because I am really just a branch. I remind myself when I realize I have been trying to take on that burden I already gave to the Lord Jesus, who is the first and the last in my life, the beginning and the end, and the author and finisher of my faith.

Now that I think about it though, why am I always scolding myself for forgetting? The moment I remember, shouldn’t I be praising God now and giving it all back to Christ? And did I remember of my own ability, or it was the Holy Spirit reminding me of what Christ has said and what He promised me? Should I be getting annoyed at myself for the instances where I notice hours later that I had reminders throughout the day that I ignored? Honestly, I could get do all of that, I could get irritated, and scold myself but that never gets me anywhere, when I am done, I don’t about you, but I often find myself back in the same situation, forgetting.

But today I realized something, the Holy Spirit doesn’t actually need my contribution or help to remind me of what Jesus Christ has said to me. If I have the faith and believe that He reminds me and teaches me all things, I have already done my part. The verse does not say the Holy Spirit would remind me when I meditate on the verse and remind myself about it, it literally just says He is giving us the Holy Spirit and the Spirit will teach us in all things and bring to remembrance all things. So once again, do I believe what He says or do I think I have to do something for His word to be true? When we read further down the chapter, what Jesus does ask of us is to let not our hearts be troubled and to neither let it be afraid.

Now here is the thing, for me scolding myself and spending my time thinking about the fact that I forgot again does not bring me any peace, instead, it causes fear and anxiety as I wonder how I am ever going to get any of it done when I keep forgetting even the promise that I need to stand upon? But His promises are yes and amen, not because I did something but because of God and His love for His glory. And my part right now is to believe His word and not let my heart be troubled and to not let it be afraid.

On a more tangible level you can always post notes around you in places you will be sure to look at during the day to remind you of what you want to remember, or you keep a planner and always go back to it all the time. While I try to do all of this I somehow always fail to look at the sticky note or open my journal anyway, so personally I am going to pray and stick to believing that the Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance all things, even when I least expect it.  Cause the truth is, I still need His reminder to open the journal and to look at the sticky notes. I have to believe that the Holy Spirit He would teach me all things, even how to understand the word and practical steps to take to get to when He has me going.


I believe that the Holy Spirit will teach me how to live the vine life and remind me when I need to be reminded that I am just but a branch.

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The importance of considering the source
Why bother living in the vine?

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