Inspiring post.

I read this post and it touched my heart, it gave me an answer too as to why I am a virgin at this age and why I will get married one.

It also got me thinking that someone out there could be thinking that but they have already given that away and they can’t go back. The truth though is that with the exception of being able to give your husband that ‘gift’ or whatever you would want to call it, everything else in that list can be used by anyone, including those who have gone down that path before but have turned back from it.

I believe the Lord can restore that glory to whoever has made choices before that they are not proud of now. The past is forgotten and your sins and lawless deeds He remembers no more. This is just one of those situation as well where if you let Him, He can take that pain away or maybe that guilt associated with it and make you anew in His eyes and yours too. The way I see it, that’s all that counts.
Thank God that He does promise that He remembers no more because we all need that GRACE in one way or another…no one is perfect…well, at least I know I am far from perfect but I am I AM’s and that’s all that counts. The rest He will take of as He takes care of me and guides me through life and through His plans for me.

I hope you find this as inspiring as I did. Now I have more to say than just to say being a virgin started out as a challenge to myself when I was 12 and now I do it because He wants me to.

One Mountain at a Time

February 25, 2014 

I am 23 and I have never had sex. I plan on waiting until I’m married. About 3% of Americans wait until marriage to have sex. That is 1 in 30 people. To write about the reasons why I have remained abstinent from sex is something I hope touches someone in a positive way. It is only by the grace of God that I am still waiting. Waiting to have sex isn’t old fashioned or unrealistic to me because waiting to have sex is truth from God and His word is forever, not old fashioned. Before you continue reading, pause your current music and listen to Mount Zion by Jonathan Helser; I wrote to this masterpiece tonight. Here go the top five reasons why I am personally waiting.

I want to express my love to Jesus Christ and that I believe in His word.

I have always thought of my purity…

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Posted by:CassieG.

An aspiring writer who wants to write and publish stories that give glory to God and share His the grace and love.

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