He is love

I am I AM's

I wanted it all along
To feel like someone cares.
My pillow was soaked with tears
As I muffled my cry for help
Emotions all over, the stress and the pain,
But now I know that He is love, and so I smile

It took a while to know
All the time I wasted,
All the tears I cried
And even all that pain I endured
But the truth is now I know it wasn’t in vain
Cause I now know, that He is love

I will no longer cry, for wasted time
I will no longer cry, that’s more tears wasted
The pain I felt could have been for a cause
The pain I felt could have been for nothing
But all I know is He is love,
And in Him, I am truly loved

For this is love, that He sent His Son
This is love, that His only son died for me
This is love, that Jesus thought only of me
Not of His own pain, nor of His own tears
And because He loved me, now I can love
I can love because He loved me first me

I am the one who the Lord Jesus loves
The one He came to die for
The one He showers His love on
I am accepted in the Beloved
And now I cry no more for love
Why would I, when He is love


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