Who am I?
I ask myself
Or who do I want to be
Who am I?
I ask again
Do I know who I am?
In and of myself, who am I?
All I know is, without Him, I am nothing.

Who am I to others I ask?
A sister, a friend, a daughter?
Who am I in the world?
A writer, a student, a reader?
Do I know where I stand?
Am I more than a face in a crowd?
In and of myself, I am like everyone else.
All I know is, without Him, I am nothing.

Who am I in Him I ask?
I am a chosen generation in Christ
I am branch connected to the Vine
A sheep, loved by the shepherd
The lost soul that the Spirit found
I am a son, loved and accepted by the Father.
I am a joint heir with Him who is my redeemer.
And I know that as He is, so am I this world

Who am I you ask?
I am His,
I am accepted in the Beloved,
I am a child of the Most High God,
I am the righteousness of God in Christ,
All I know is, without Him I am nothing,
I am made complete in Him,
I am I Am’s

Posted by:CassieG.

I write stories, short stories, and poems to give glory to the Lord and show His amazing grace and love. Am also going to be blogging about journey living by His grace and His love in the vine life. The Lord Jesus said He is the Vine and we are the branches, and as I live my life walking out of stagnation, lack of motivation and passion…and even laziness, I know I cannot but He can. Instead, I choose to flow in the vine life and to see myself as the Father sees me. I hope as I grow in Him and as I transformed from glory to glory anyone who identifies in some way with the journey I am going through walks with me and we can grow together.

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