I am I AM’s

He is love

Who am I?
I ask myself
Or who do I want to be
Who am I?
I ask again
Do I know who I am?
In and of myself, who am I?
All I know is, without Him, I am nothing.

Who am I to others I ask?
A sister, a friend, a daughter?
Who am I in the world?
A writer, a student, a reader?
Do I know where I stand?
Am I more than a face in a crowd?
In and of myself, I am like everyone else.
All I know is, without Him, I am nothing.

Who am I in Him I ask?
I am a chosen generation in Christ
I am branch connected to the Vine
A sheep, loved by the shepherd
The lost soul that the Spirit found
I am a son, loved and accepted by the Father.
I am a joint heir with Him who is my redeemer.
And I know that He is, so am I this world

Who am I you ask?
I am His,
I am accepted in the Beloved,
I am a child of the Most-High God,
I am the righteousness of God in Christ,
All I know is, without Him I am nothing,
I am made complete in Him,
I am I Am’s

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He is love

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