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Not how much, but Who – As Jesus Is, So Are You| Pastor Prince

For today's Sermons Thoughts and Feelings, we are going to talk the sermon titled As Jesus Is, So Are You, ...
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Those Chickens Again

Jessica loved children, well, once they could go to the toilet on their own without needing supervision. She loved playing ...
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He makes it all work together for His children

I love the verse above, because more often than not, I am a mess and do not know what I ...
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He will give you rest

In the book of Matthew, the Lord Jesus Christ asks all who labor and are heavy laden to go to ...
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The Lord is my Righteousness, I am I AM's

Who is it for?

I write books and short stories, with the aim to give glory to the Lord and show His amazing grace and love. The stories are mostly character based and explore the journey a person can go through in their faith as they navigate through the challenges life throws at them.

Becoming a Fruitful Vine

I write because I want to share His love for us, share His grace for us and help build us in His faith

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